Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

But Mr Turnbull denied his claims were based on a report by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

«When Tony Abbott came in he said to his friends ajarvees.comnd staff at one end of town: ‘I’ll be going to the next door community centre,’ said Mr Turnbull.

«Tony’s friends and staff are at the council and it’s not the way I would see it. I see community centres as essential and I don’t think Tony has got my interests at heart.»

He says the NSW Commission Against Corruption’s report was commissioned by the state Labor government and it did not reveal how much the government could lose by removing community centres under the new Coalition Government.

‘No matter what people say’

Mr Turnbul우리카지노l also hit out at the NSW Department of Infrastructure, which is reviewing the construction of community centres.

«Tony Abbott’s comments were about how he was going to be out there ‘cutting through a tree,’ but that’s not how he does business.

«He’s been working for more than ten years for the state governmen바카라사이트t and he’s now got the powers. He doesn’t need to go away. He’s never going to give up the powers. The NSW Labor government says it’s reviewing what’s happening in relation to community centres, but the reality is we can’t be independent and we need support from the Premier.

«My advice to the government and the NSW Government is that the Department of Infrastructure need to make the changes they need to make while still respecting the value of the infrastructure, and the value of people having access to quality education and health services.»

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Originally published as Abbott tells PM he doesn’t care for’red and blue’ community centres