Sixteen killed in us helicopter crash in kuwait valley https://t

Sixteen killed in us helicopter crash in kuwait valley — The Associated Press (@AP) October 27, 2017

We got another news alert this morning. #Iraq: 17 killed in Iraq helicopter accident. The #Kuwait #ISIS attack is on. — The Associated Press (@AP) October 27, 2017

16 killed in #Kuwait helicopter accident. Islamjarvees.comic State hit in Iraq today. Iraqi forces were atta우리카지노cked, but their forces also destroyed this vehicle. #Iraq — Reuters News (@Reuters) October 27, 2017

ISIS, according to our own US official, will kill all Christians in Iraq, so the Kurds are just helping ISIS. — Matt Taylor (@matttaylor9) October 27, 2017

The IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told his followers that their current target is the Yazidis. «The Yazidis are not of your concern. We have destroyed their religion, and killed them and they are to be killed,» he said earlier today. The Christian community in Iraq is deeply afraid that Yazidis will soon be completely annihilated and Christians exterminated in the same way.

ISIS also stated that one of its «religious scholars» (an ISIS member named Abdallah al-Bekkha) had told ISIS that only Christians will get the Islamic State to abandon its caliphate in Iraq. They did not elaborate on this claim but it could be true. After all, ISIS could very well have been trying to persuade Christians to leave Iraq if it had not killed them.

It is possible that the IS leader is correct and that they will no longer exterminate any Christians in Iraq. The current threat to Christians is primarily due to the fact that the Iraqi government and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been in conflict and are fighting over the disputed region of Mosul, now largely abandoned.

It is highly unlikely that the Iraqi government, backed by U.S. and other international troops, will continue fighting to protect Christians or that the Kurdish forces or Christians will leave Mosul for Iraqi Kurdistan.

«The Christians will be ex바카라terminated, all of them. We see this in every part of the world. You can take all the religious, economic, cultural and political rights. They won’t be able to be held by one country, as they have been, and not be given citizenship rights