Karachi blast kills 6, injured 19, injured 100 more https://t

Karachi blast kills 6, injured 19, injured 100 more https://t.co/HsEq9nLdOq — Hindustan Times (@Hind더킹카지노ustanTimes) February 24, 2016

The terror group had claimed responsibility for the attack in the capital. The attack in Jeddah killed a policeman and a soldier while wounding 100, most of them civilians.

The police said a militant blew himself up in the blast and that the suicide bomber was killed in the resulting smoke.

There has been a surge in violence in the capital, with some reports saying security forces have deployed tear gas against militants.

Police said there were four other suspects in the blast that killed at least 22 people in the city. They said the bomber detonated the bomb at the gate of the government office housing the Interior Ministry, before escaping through a separate door.

Meanwhile, two more soldiers were killed in a security operation in south Karachi, where an attack by a suicide bomber claimed the lives of a military guard and one policejarvees.comman.

Earlier, on Tuesday, an explosion ripped through the security fence at the Pakistan Economic Corridor in the provincial capital Lahore, killing three security personnel and injuring eight others, a government official said.

Pakistan’s military has warned that «all efforts are being made to stop» the attacks.

«The military is close바카라사이트ly watching and taking preventive measures as part of its efforts to safeguard security of security facilities,» military spokesman Major Gen Asim Bajwa told reporters.

«The army is making efforts as a precautionary measure and there are no other security reasons why security has been increased,» he added.

The attack comes as Islamabad is in the middle of a sweeping operation against terror groups in the country, in which the authorities have targeted some 60 suspects and killed two senior Lashkar-e-Taiba leaders in Karachi, and have rounded up a significant number of the alleged extremists who have recently moved in their home towns and cities.

The army said on Wednesday it had killed three suspected senior terrorists, while another three others are yet to be arrested.

In another development on Wednesday, Karachi police chief Major General Asim Babar told Geo TV that a senior member of the Jundullah militant group had taken part in the blast, and was being treated at a private hospital for his injuries.

He said a witness had informed the police that an unidentified male militant was a member of the group who had arrived at the base during the night and detonated the bomb